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The posterior tooth Hans, was specially developed for implant-borne hybrid prostheses, telescopic cases,
and for other types of retained restorations.

Coming now in sizes L and XL, Hans meets the needs of most any restoration. The concave internal design
of the teeth makes room for bars or extended frameworks without time spent grinding the tooth. The natural
relationship between molars and premolars turns this tooth into a perfect solution for all framework cases.

In line with his natural origin, Hans is furnished with interproximal closure strips. This ensures the easy setup
of the teeth and prevents interdental triangles. In addition, the spherical design of the interconnecting contact
areas makes setup to the neighboring teeth easier. So, the papillae can be designed in a simple way, and
black triangles are a thing of the past.

Hans is named after its creator Hans-Joachim Lotz who chose functionality as the heart of this posterior tooth.
The statically prefect design of Hans' cusp-fossa relation generates a guided fanning out of the functional
pattern. The biomechanical occlusion concept in excellent realization! Hans is intended for the one-to-two setup.

Due to the generous basal shape, it was possible to create a natural metamerism in the teeth.The internal cavity
is molded in a way that the occlusal effect of the dentin is intensified in the central fissure from basal by the pink
acrylic lying underneath. This creates a natural impression without influencing the actual tooth color. The basal
shape automatically results in less grinding efforts and in increased retentions.

Hans' strength comes from highly crosslinked PMMA acrylic with an exactly composed distribution of the
particle sizes. Tiny, crosslinked molecular structures lie between the polymer beads. The material features
excellent density and a consistent homogeneity. Hard where hardness is required to provide abrasion
resistance and to ensure a high breaking strength and toughness, making implant restorations safe and durable.

Hans comes in the sizes L and XL and is available in the following colors:
Bleach II, AI, A2, A3, A3,5, A4, B2, B3, C3, D3

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