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to contact

anaxdent Susanne Frei

The face behind the serious voice.

Speaks fluent Swabian and can also speak High German, sometimes english.

Susanne Frei

Telephone Sales

 +49 711 6200 9223

anaxdent Sina Frey

Tooth fairy, enthusiastically layering.

Pure expertise in life and on the phone.

Sina Frey

Telephone Sales

 +49 711 6200 9212

anaxdent Carlos Baurier Salvans

He does what is written on his business card.

A customer man through and through.

Carlos Baurier Salvans

International Sales Manager
& Business Development

 +34 682 511 738


anaxdent Florian Gerlach

Serving the brand we call it Brand Minister.

He is a brand and lives anax as a brand.

Florian Gerlach

Brand Minister

 +49 174 822 5888

anaxdent Kilian Th�ns

He knows and does.

Perfectionist and specialist in finding solutions.

anaxdent Valentin Mack

Our invest into the future.

Trainee with head, hand and heart.

Valentin Mack

Invest into the future

 +49 711 6200 920

anaxdent Andreas Kopietz

Skilled, trained and experienced and with lots of enthusiasm.

He is THE INTERNATIONAL. And always sniffling for the best.